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Preparing and supplying your content

Well organised, well-prepared content reaps many benefits. It keeps costs and timelines on track, and allows your designer to get on with the important work of making your content fabulous. Here's a quick outline on how to best supply your content. 


Choose your pictures and group them in logical folders with the text they relate to.
If you have specific instructions for particular images, make sure they are clearly identified by their file names. 
Images should always be high resolution.


Supply only final, approved, polished and proof-read text.
Never supply draft copy, unapproved copy or copy in which the spelling and grammar have not been checked. 


If you have large group photos where every person is named,  it is best to supply the captions as text files. 

Sending Files

Most schools prefer to use a shared drive such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Time has proven Google Drive to be an excellent platform, and the most reliable. You can also use a file transfer service such as DropBox or WeTransfer. 



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