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The Yearbook Process

Yearbook coordinators know that producing a yearbook takes a lot of time and care! Selecting your photos and gathering your stories are, in themselves, a significant undertaking. Once you have submitted your yearbook content to us, we aim to make the design and production phase of the project enjoyable and easy for you. 

We will establish a design you love before we build the book. Then we will lay out every page with care and attention to detail. We aim to have each page as perfect as possible from the first proof, so the only corrections you need to make are minor ones. We know that you have spent a great deal of time and effort on the project already. Now you can sit back and enjoy seeing your text and pictures transformed into a publication you can be proud of! We aim to make the whole process smooth sailing for hard-working teachers!

We look forward to doing business with you. We would love to help you make this year a Classic!

So this is the process:

1. Ask for a Quote

Ask us for a quote. We will send a comprehensive proposal with timelines and an all-inclusive costing. To accept the quote, simply sign and return the “Acceptance of Proposal” form, along with your purchase order. No deposits or prepayments are required, we can get started on your yearbook right away.

2. Building your Yearbook

Upload your content to your shared Google Drive or other file transfer method of your choice. Classic Yearbooks will weave its magic, turning your text and photos into a publication you will be proud of. You will receive PDF proofs of the book for proof reading. Check these carefully for errors, and send the corrections back to Classic Yearbooks. You can make as many corrections as you need to. 

3. Approval to Print and Payment

When you are satisfied that the book is all correct, have the final proof approved by your authorised staff member and send us an email confirming that it is approved for print. Payment is due by signoff. When the approval to print and payment have both been received by Classic Yearbooks, your yearbook can go to press.

4. Production

Production and delivery times vary from project to project. As a general rule, it will take about four weeks. 

5. Delivery Day!

Congratulations! Editorial Team, take a bow! Your beautiful yearbooks are delivered to your door, chock-full of memories and fabulousness, and ready for you to distribute to your eagerly awaiting staff, students and families. Job well done! 

We look forward to doing business with you. We would love to help you make this year a Classic!

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We design with both the social and business purposes of your yearbook in mind, so it's loved by students, parents and staff, and works REALLY WELL for your school's brand.