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Picture Boxes and Collages

There is often confusion around the term "Collage". This article aims to demystify the term and explain the difference between a collage and a regular pictorial page.

The word Collage comes from the French word for glue. A collage originally meant a collection of elements which have been cut out and glued together to form a single whole artwork. Henri Matisse created some famous collages!

In graphic design, collages are usually created in Photoshop. These can be time-consuming - because the elements will need to be deep-etched (cut out) in Photoshop, and then arranged into a harmonious composition.

However it's possible to create great-looking pictorial spreads in other ways. Professional page layout programs allow us to create picture boxes in any shape. This allows for exciting layout possibilities.



Simple rectangular picture boxes can also be arranged into a harmonious composition, to bring out the best in your pictures. Rectangular boxes are the right choice for clean minimalistic style.


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