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The proofing process

Yearbook Design Proofs

The first proofs you will receive will be the design proofs. You will have designs for both cover and interior layout. Normally one of these designs will be ideal, but you can work on the design until you are happy with it. You may receive a few design proofs until you are happy with the look and feel of your yearbook

Yearbook Running Proofs

Once the design is settled, we will start to build your yearbook. Classic Yearbooks will send you drafts of the book from time to time until the artwork is complete. It's often best to print these out for a thorough proof-read bcause nobody can see mistakes until something is printed! Mark up your proofs as you read them, then scan and return to us in your "Corrections" folder.

Final Artwork Proof

When you are satisfied that your yearbook is all correct and ready for print, we will send you a final PDF proof of the artwork. You can sign this off by sending us an email saying "Approved for printing".

Printer's Proof

When we have received the approval for print, your yearbook will go into the prepress phase. Your yearbook artwork is introduced into the prepress system and is prepared for printing. The purpose of the printer's proof is to check that nothing has changed in in this process.

Check your printer's proof against your final artwork proof. If everything looks the same, you can sign the printer's proof off as "Approved for Printing". It will then go to press.

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