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You deserve a fabulous school yearbook!

Of course you do! We know your school yearbook is both record and celebration of an action-packed year. In your school yearbook are packed the memories of all those hours of dedicated work, study and training… all the friendships and achievements and the life-changing experiences. 

But it is also a crucial business publication – a vital part of your school’s branding. A record of your school's evolution. And finally, as your students go on to become the leaders of tomorrow, your school yearbook becomes a historical document!

It’s your year… make it a Classic!

Classic Yearbooks provide fabulous yearbooks for Australian schools. We design with both the social and business purposes of a school yearbook in mind, so it’s loved by students, parents and staff, and works really well for the school’s brand.

Our all-Australian team has commitment, know-how and many years of design and print industry experience. You can be confident that your choice of designs will be great, that every page will be laid out with precision and attention to detail, and your school yearbooks will be delivered on time. You can also be confident that we will work as part of your team, doing everything you need to develop a fabulous yearbook that is eagerly anticipated by your school community.

  • Customised, tailored quotes for your yearbooks
  • Full yearbook design and print service
  • Revisions and corrections included
  • All proofing done electronically in PDF format
  • Printed school yearbooks delivered to your door
  • Prices start at around $15 per yearbook, including design
  • Minimum order 500 yearbooks